Daggerfall Unity surpasses 500k downloads on nexus mods!

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Re: Daggerfall Unity surpasses 500k downloads on nexus mods!

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Ahh so its already there, that was fast, I did not expect that.

I think it looks better than it used to so its a definitely move in a good direction.
If I had a full control over it (I did not expect this quick draft to get there honestly) I would tweak it a bit in terms of colors to make it pop a bit more, but thats just my OCD speaking and its not important.

When we get to top 50, we can make another update maybe ;)

This is how it looks now, on the roster and in the "my games" section.
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Re: Daggerfall Unity surpasses 500k downloads on nexus mods!

Post by Baler »

To be fair it looks better than the non unity image.


I know what KoW means by making it pop more. I'm sure there will be plenty of time to think about way to improve the image before top 50 or 1m d/l.

To put a bit of perspective on how thumbnails are important, take a look at twitch.tv companies request twitch update their game's thumbnail all the time. For example when a new expansion comes out. This way the 'consumer' is more familiar with the latest imagery for a product and can better recognize it in a sea of images. :geek:

Also something to keep in mind is the Mod installer tool Vortex also got an update pushed with the new DFU thumbnail. Regardless of your feelings about vortex or any mod managing program, it is worth keeping in mind when considering updating the image.

All in all this is good for the community in the long run. :)
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