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Re: help me!!!!

Post by Interkarma » Thu Aug 03, 2017 12:50 pm

Hi petertohen, welcome to the forums.
petertohen wrote:These tools are an excellent resource for Daggerfall, And could be the basis for fan made Daggerfall type games or a complete remake.
Daggerfall Unity is a complete remake of Daggerfall, it's not just a toolset. :) If you're only learning about it now, you should read back through progress on my development blog. Most recent post is an entertaining let's play of the 0.4 release from a couple of weeks back.

Here's the Mission Statement and Roadmap. A solid chunk of the classic game is already quite playable, with first stage of main quest about to debut. You will find most recent playable downloads on the Live Builds page.

I'm not worried about exposure. My work has already been nicely featured in a few places, and there will be more as work approaches conclusion. I'm more than happy for people to discover this in their own time.

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