Dev build/Linux: die from poisoning during sleep without warning (bug?)

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Dev build/Linux: die from poisoning during sleep without warning (bug?)

Post by pango » Sun Apr 14, 2019 9:22 am

Sometimes you can be poisoned and be unaware of it: status may still report you as healthy and you don't get "You feel somewhat bad." messages. It seems to work just like diseases and can take some time to kick in, so I guess it's not a bug.

However in all cases if you decide to rest while poisoned, you may well never wake up, without any prior warning.

It seems it can happen in Daggerfall classic too, so from that point of view that may not be considered a bug. (Classic seems to give more visual feedback though: vital indicators are correctly updated as your condition changes. I don't know if you can click exit and avoid death if you're fast enough).
However if you start fast traveling, the game will warn that you may be about to die, so that's not consistent.

I don't know if that's realistic, I guess some poisons are painless or at least not painful enough to wake you up, or trigger some coma or paralysis first, so you may very well never wake up from poisoning.

After all those considerations, ways this could be handled:
  • leave behavior as is. As said before it's not consistent, and can frustrate players, but matches classic and may very well be realistic;
  • match fast travel behavior: if you try to rest while poisoned, you'll get a warning that you may be about to die, and can cancel your action;
  • When "You feel somewhat bad." happens, unconditionally or conditionally wake up. That's the option I like the best, but may be harder to implement. Conditional wakeup gives player more options, but again I don't know if that's realistic for all poisons.
Gamesave in a tavern after a fight with assassins. The character is poisoned but doesn't know about it yet.
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Re: Dev build/Linux: die from poisoning during sleep without warning (bug?)

Post by SlainByWoodborne » Sun Apr 14, 2019 11:28 am

I have been noticing this as well for disease and poison but haven't yet had a decent enough save to make a topic for it. For the most part, the only time the game alerts me to either is when I attempt to fast travel and get a warning about the possible adverse effects to my health or when I arrive and instantly die. Otherwise, there seems to be no indicator (even when resting for multiple 24-hour increments in an inn) of the disease or poison.

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Re: Dev build/Linux: die from poisoning during sleep without warning (bug?)

Post by Interkarma » Sun Apr 14, 2019 10:18 pm

Diseases have an incubation period and will begin work at the start of the following day. You receive the following feedback that a disease is active:
  • A warning when attempting to fast travel. This will happen even before disease ends incubation.
  • Your diseases are listed in your status page. Instead of "you are healthy", it will list all diseases you have at this time.
  • Once per day when disease payload ticks, you will see "you feel somewhat bad" status message.
  • Your attributes will be shown as drained in a brown colour, also tipping that character is unwell.
The process for poisons is similar, but they are much more fast-acting.

As far as I'm aware, both poison and disease mechanics match classic. If there's a specific bug here rather than just a design change suggestion, please make a report for that bug. Cheers. :)

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