Bug: Missing Ambient Sound

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Bug: Missing Ambient Sound

Post by Doctor3d » Fri Nov 22, 2019 9:50 pm

This is really just a minor little 'bug' and I was going to fix it, but it appears to be more complicated than I anticipated.

Sound file in question: AmbientDistantHowl

Where It Should Play: Graveyards At Night (On Loop like cricket Ambient or like Birds during Day)

The sound doesn't appear to ever trigger when at Crypts\Graveyards - so at first I just thought the frequency was toned down - since it was bordering on excessive in classic - but after I never heard it - I went to investigate and possibly fix it.

However, - when I look at AmbientEffectsPlayer.cs - I do not see it referenced anywhere (it's ID'd in soundclips.cs though with 0 references) - and it also doesn't appear like the engine recognizes the exterior of a Crypt as separate from the exterior of a Dungeon. I also do not see exterior references as far as for sound for either one of them here - the only separate dungeon ambiance is while IN a dungeon. Not when outside a Dungeon OR outside a Crypt.

Afaik, then this sound as well as possible any other sound (like AmbientCreepyBirdLaughs) will not play in the exterior of a Graveyard or Crypt.

I would add it - but I don't know how since there doesn't appear to be something setup in AmbientEffectsPlayer that currently distinguishes the location for audio purposes.

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Re: Bug: Missing Ambient Sound

Post by pango » Fri Nov 22, 2019 10:22 pm

Yes, that's something I envisioned too (I toyed with similar ideas). For the moment what stopped me is good observations of what classic Daggerfall exactly does.
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