So big and confusing dungeons

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So big and confusing dungeons

Post by Gajden »

Heil to you friends.

Sorry for my bad English, I'm not englishspeaker.

Recently I've decised to Play Daggerfall and the quests which reqires from you to get into dungeons seemed a bit hard to me. The thing is I can't find the quest items in dungeons. They are too big and confusing that I just can't pass the quest and get a reward.

So, does someone have any tips how to navigate the dungeons or how to make crawlilng more easier?
Or I have to suffer?

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Re: So big and confusing dungeons

Post by Opcero »

Firstly, if you want, you can use the "smaller dungeon" mod available here.

1. What I do is whenever I approach a ramp or stair, I always make sure to turn around and fully explore the level I am on. In the old D&D days, ramps and stairs were partly designed to trick you into leaving the level you were on before you finished exploring it. I've found fully exploring a level before moving up or down helpful for navigation.

2. I always cast the mark and recall spell at the mouth of the dungeon before beginning any exploration.

But yeah, lots of people use the smaller dungeon mod.

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