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Classic Saves Not Sowing in Daggerfall Unity V. 0.7.2

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 1:42 am
by CoolDude19
Hi. I played Classic Daggerfall through DosBox emulation. When I heard about how Daggerfall Unity and how it improves the graphical fidelity of the game, I decided to install it. However, when I ran the program, none of my save files from the classic Daggerfall show up. I haven't gotten far in the game, but I would hate to go through the character creation again. Here are some details I think may help:
- I used the DaggerfallSetup.exe file from UESP to install the classic version.
-As stated in the title, I installed version 0.7.2 of Daggerfall Unity.
- I installed the folder on a separate drive, but for some reason it says that its been installed on another drive?
- Installed the program on my external hard drive (G:) but ended up on my C: drive instead.
- I just copied the files from the zip into my Daggerfall Classic directory, so I may have installed it incorrectly.
- I have not yet begun the main quests
Hopefully you guys can help, I want experience more of this game before my winter break ends (in 6th grade rn :P)

Re: Classic Saves Not Sowing in Daggerfall Unity V. 0.7.2

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 1:55 am
by Interkarma
Hey and welcome to the forums! :)

It's best to keep the classic game data separate from Daggerfall Unity. The ideal setup is something like the following:

First-Time Setup
  1. Install classic Daggerfall files somewhere (e.g. C:\Games\Daggerfall). Ensure your classic save games in folders SAVE0-SAVE5 subfolders are populated.
  2. Unzip Daggerfall Unity somewhere totally separate (e.g. C:\Games\Daggerfall Unity).
  3. On first run, point Daggerfall Unity to your classic game data in step 1. Provided that classic data has populated save games, DFU should see them.
To Upgrade
  1. Delete contents of C:\Games\Daggerfall Unity (or create a unique subfolder, but please don't unzip over the top of old files).
  2. Unzip contents of latest version into C:\Games\Daggerfall Unity.
  3. Restore any mods you had installed.
You can also keep different versions side-by-side. To do this just install each new version to it's own subfolder. For example, create /0.6.1 and /0.7.2 subfolders under C:\Games\Daggerfall Unity and unzip appropriate versions to those locations. And while it doesn't matter that much, putting all the game files on an SSD helps with load times a lot, especially if you're using any heavy graphical mods.

I'll admit to being a bit lazy and just unzipping and running Daggerfall Unity straight out of my Downloads folder as I test each version. :)

Hope that helps! If you still have trouble reading save games, please provide a zip of SAVE0-SAVE5 and I'll take a look at why they aren't being enumerated.

Re: Classic Saves Not Sowing in Daggerfall Unity V. 0.7.2

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 2:49 am
by CoolDude19
Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, as I reinstalled Daggerfall to remove the Unity files, I lost the save file :( . Thanks for your help though!