how will pre-modded dagger work with Unity?

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how will pre-modded dagger work with Unity?

Post by freestonew » Sun Oct 06, 2019 10:54 pm

hi all.

how would a pre-modded daggerfall work with Unity, as a reference file that Unity uses?

Unity needs a copy of daggerfall. at usep they have a download link.


they have mods for the original game here too!
""Daggerfall AHK script 20 November 2011 ??? An extension to HackFall (above). Adds quick save and "turbo fire" LMB clicking for inventory navigation.
QUESTPAK.ZIP 01 October 2005 498 KB The QUESTPAK - Quest Pack v1 includes all third-party quests and unofficial quest bug fixes that were made for Daggerfall up to 01 Oct. 2005. Also included among others are ADDQUEST, XTRAQST, XTRAQST2, XTRAQST3, XQSE, XQPATCH, lbsword, fixqs001 & SPELL.STD Fix. This file comes from where Daggerfall is currently translated into French. For more information see the __README.PDF file within. 13 June 2002 160 kb A modified TEXT.RSC file with expanded and additional entries (more humorous version). 31 May 2005 162 kb A modified TEXT.RSC file with expanded and additional entries (more straight version).""

there are maybe 50+ more!!
now I can wonder about the quest packs, they will use textures and such.

the text files are for the npc responses. seems the "BrenRSC" two mods alter the TEXT.RSC file, one can choose one or the other. the filename is the same but extra and changed text replies come from the npcs.

so can one use these mods? can i add certain mods to daggerfall then use this daggerfall game file for the Unity program to refer to?!
surely i cannot use all of them. but which ones might be able to be used, like the speech text changing.


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Re: how will pre-modded dagger work with Unity?

Post by pango » Mon Oct 07, 2019 12:20 am

Welcome to the forums freestone!

I didn't find the definitive list in the forums, maybe I didn't look at the right place, so here's what I know:

Daggerfall Unity does not execute FALL.EXE, so all the patches modifying it to tweak or add mechanics won't work.
It doesn't use binary quest files either but uses directly the decompiled quests it comes with, so quest fixes and quest packs will have no effect. Most existing fixes and quests packs are already included in the decompiled quests though, so you're not missing much.
It also comes with its own copy of FACTION.TXT, because they're so many broken versions out there, and that introduces subtle bugs.
There's no guarantee that translation packs are compatible, so they should be avoided. Daggerfall Unity will eventually come with its own localization feature.

So what's left?
I know "Wayrest Dark Elves" patch works for Daggerfall Unity too, if you're not using a DFU textures pack that already fixes the same issue.
(updated) Andyfall patch may help fix some inventory issues, so I'd recommend installing it.

The ones I'm not 100% sure about:
  • Daggerfall Graphics Fix
  • specific parts of HackFall
  • TEXT.RSC patches, but they should probably be avoided like translation patches
  • ...
For simplicity consider using DaggerfallGameFiles archive, since it has already been tested for compatibility with Daggerfall Unity.
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