(Bug?) Generous knightly order armor rewards

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(Bug?) Generous knightly order armor rewards

Post by AldingfordVisitor »

Going off the UESP Wiki, I should have received a Dwarven armor piece for promotion to Commander and a mithril piece for promotion to Marshall. I received adamantium quality followed by ebony instead. I have enough reputation points to be promoted to Paladin but do not meet the skill requirements, so it seems like my reward was based not on my actual rank, but what my rank would be based on reputation alone.

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Re: (Bug?) Generous knightly order armor rewards

Post by pango »

Looking at the code, I seems it doesn't match UESP table;

Code: Select all

                ArmorMaterialTypes material = ArmorMaterialTypes.Iron + rank;

Code: Select all

rank 0 => Iron
rank 1 => Steel
rank 2 => Silver
rank 3 => Elven
rank 4 => Dwarven
rank 5 => Mithril
rank 6 => Adamantium
rank 7 => Ebony
rank 8 => Orcish
rank 9 => Daedric
vs UESP:
KnightlyOrderRanks.jpg (32.56 KiB) Viewed 723 times

PS.: Hazelnut chose to base rewards upon Daggerfall Chronicles p. 98 instead of classic Daggerfall:
[Gallant reward:] One free piece of non-magical armor per rank, starting at this rank. Pick three to six random pieces, all of the same material. Metal type is based upon rank (2=silver, 3=elven, 4=dwarven, 5=mithril, 6=adamantium, 7=ebony, 8=orcish, 9=daedric)
If I read the code right, DFU even extends that to rank 0 and 1 with Iron and Steel armors. I think it's reasonable.

(But It seems classic has a much more convoluted behavior than what is described in the Chronicles, so I'm not convinced the two don't match because "they ran out of time to implement what's described in the Chronicles"; To me it looks more like they tried to restrict knightly orders benefits).
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Re: (Bug?) Generous knightly order armor rewards

Post by Hazelnut »

Thanks for the analysis Pango, saves me explaining which I would have done a much worse job of anyway. :)

This was completely intentional by me. I consider this a bugfix making DFU match the original intent, and it makes more sense in-game I think. If anyone disagrees then consider how poor rank benefits are in Knightly Orders, this makes it a bit more enticing. Failing that, feel free to not get the armour or leave it on the ground. :D
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Re: (Bug?) Generous knightly order armor rewards

Post by mikeprichard »

FYI to Jay_H and UESP wiki fans, I've updated the relevant DFU gameplay differences page (https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Tes2Mod:Dagger ... ifferences) with this info.

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Re: (Bug?) Generous knightly order armor rewards

Post by Jay_H »

Brilliant, thanks mike :)
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