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Not getting the letter for "Who gets the totem"

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 4:26 am
by supercaouette
Hi there,

Hope I'm not breaking a rule by posting on a thread that seems resolved, but I'm not getting the letter from Lady Brisienna just like SirOwl. However it may be a version issue.

I did complete all 3 prerequisite quests: Orcish Treaty, Lysandus' Revenge, and Lich's Soul
My quest log is now empty.

I am currently running on version 0.10.19, but I started my game on a previous version. Can't tell exactly which one but here is the name of the file from my initial installation: "Daggerfall-unity-daggerfallunity_windows_x64-107"

From reading this thread, it looks like I might have a version issue. How can I fix this?
Attached is my latest save.


Re: Not getting the letter for "Who gets the totem"

Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2020 2:33 am
by Interkarma
Hi, welcome to the forums. :)

"Who Gets the Totem?" (Sx008) is started at the end of quest "Lysandus' Revenge" (Sx015). Neither quest is currently active, although I can see from the global variable state you've completed the prerequisites. I can only think that Sx008 started and then stopped. If you were on a previous version to 0.10.19 when this quest started, it's possible you were affected by a bug known to cause this issue.

Quickest fix is to run the following from the console and travel around for about 12 days until you receive Brisienna's letter.

Code: Select all

startquest s0000008
I just tested this in your save under 0.10.21 and quest fired normally. Please note that Brisienna will pick a meeting location in whatever region you happen to be in when starting quest using console.

Good luck! :)

Re: Not getting the letter for "Who gets the totem"

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2020 5:14 pm
by supercaouette
Thank you!
It worked like a charm.

I figured from previous comments I probably had to manually start the quest, but I didn't realize that Sx008 actually meant s0000008. So I was enterring "startquest sx008" in console with no results.

Now back to save the world!