Missing NPC target in quest

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Re: Missing NPC target in quest

Post by lxgm » Mon May 25, 2020 5:21 pm

questing in Charley, a small place.
take quests, that require spawning of targets, to be killed in a house.(protect during 2100-0000, exorcism)
quest house is very small(smallest?)
suspecting, no enough space to spawn targets. so they dont spawn and can not complete the quest.
sometimes they spawn after a game load or game restart.
sometimes, some of them spawn.
had done another quest, in another place, spawning wave of bats, no problem

edit: doing exorcism again. a target is supposed to be in the same small house but its not. or so it appears, as i can not see it anywhere.
the quest turned out in a strange way. might be that i have missed some text. i thought it was bugged, but i found by chance, by asking for work, that i can continue it, but it sends me back to this very tiny house where the possessed kid was and where i am coming from. and there is no quest target in there

edit: searched the whole town, found 2 copies of a named npc and another quest giver(thieves guild?, white dressed with rapier, unmarked house). did not find potentialy misplaced spawn of my target.

edit: actually, it seems, that a save will tell you more. so here it is
(151.64 KiB) Downloaded 2 times

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