How to track current location in Daggerfall?

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$terling Vortex
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How to track current location in Daggerfall?

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Hello! New user so I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes:

So I'm creating my own personal Discord Rich Presence for DFU using EasyRP but there's one thing I'm stuck on, how can I get my current location in the game to display on my discord status? I've seen this work with other games, but somehow can't figure out how to make it work for DFU.

I'm thinking it's possible by going into EasyRP's Config file, and loading a program into the "State" column that keeps track of where I am in-game, but I'm stumped on the actual process of doing that :D
I've gotten DFTools and tried to use the Daggerfall BSA Editor, but have only been able to change the names of the towns and other places, is it possible to use this tool to keep track of where I am in-game?

In simple, I need a program to keep track of where I am in game, and then consistently update EasyRP about my location, just like how Wynncraft displays what world your in through the discord's rich presence.

I hope what I said makes sense :D

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Re: How to track current location in Daggerfall?

Post by Shapur »

So you want to write a mod that would grab the current player location and give it to EasyRP, witch would then display it as a discord status?

Macadaynu made the Spotify Soundtracks so this kind of stuff should be possible.

I assume you will need to make a normal .dfmod mod with a C# script that will tell EasyRP all it needs to know.
Grabbing the players location should be easy, but I've never even heard of EasyRP before and have no idea how the C# script would pass it that info, but it is probably possible.
Link to my github here.
And here is my nexus profile.

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Re: How to track current location in Daggerfall?

Post by Macadaynu »

Yep, if you look at my GitHub here: ... usicMod.cs

You can see how I have hooked into the transition events, so you can update whatever you need to when the player makes a transition between locations.

You can easily grab the current location details using the static class GameManager.Instance.PlayerGPS

No idea what EasyRP is, but all the info you require is easily accessible from Daggerfall Unity

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