0.13.2b - Postprocessing Effects reset - simple way to reproduce

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0.13.2b - Postprocessing Effects reset - simple way to reproduce

Post by King of Worms »

Empty your "Mods" folder.
Start a game.
Load a save file.

Set EFFECTS ON - use maximum settings so u can see its actually ON (aka set everything to ON and "to the right)
Exit game

Place one mod to the "Mods" folder

Start game.
Load that same save file
Effects are OFF and reset to default.

(to test this, Ive used a mod built using the very latest master)

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Re: 0.13.2b - Postprocessing Effects reset - simple way to reproduce

Post by Interkarma »

I'm unfortunately not able to reproduce this. I've tried with several mods both old and new, including an old version of DREAM, and these effect settings are never reset from how I configured them in game previously (all on and to the right as you say).

There's no normal interaction between loading mods and settings.ini. The only ways I can see this happening are:
  • Running any older version of DFU (editor or build, doesn't matter). The old version will remove unknown settings and new version will add them back as defaults.
  • Removing or replacing settings.ini in some way, triggering reset.
  • Exiting game before changes are written back to settings.ini - e.g. Alt+F4 rather than Escape out of effects UI. The settings are only saved when UI pops off stack.
  • Long shot - maybe your settings.ini is corrupted somehow and not saving properly? Try deleting it to generate a fresh one.
Also check your settings.ini file after closing game to ensure effect settings are actually saved. These settings are all stored under [Effects] section. Then try to work out at which point the settings are changed by re-opening settings.ini after each step. There's something else happening here we haven't twigged to yet.

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