Reload/Refresh Textures

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Re: Reload/Refresh Textures

Post by ifkopifko » Tue Jan 30, 2018 6:02 pm

Hi there,
I have been trying to replicate your problem, but I see no issues with memory usage. Do you have some special unique savegame which behaves like this? I am using process explorer to monitor the DFU process, so I can not really compare it with your data.

On my system, DFU process is mostly hovering aroung 2,5GB working set, with peak somewhere above 4GB. Lots of traveling and loading involved, but not really extensive playing, only random traveling for 5 minutes or so.

My system: Win7 64bit; 16GB RAM; pagefile OFF; 64bit DFU builds #95 and #96 (no texture mods, applied mods: enhanced sky, birds, real grass, vibrant wind, distant terrain, post processing).

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Re: Reload/Refresh Textures

Post by Interkarma » Tue Jan 30, 2018 11:12 pm

I understand KoW's issues were only happening when a large number of replacement textures were in use. And certain larger textures could cause an atlas overview before the super atlas was disabled.

We've made a few changes to the core like removing super atlas and enabling texture compression for modded textures. I just fixed a couple of texture memory leaks as well. Now even with all the texture mods in place, KoW's memory base needs are around half of what they used to be.

Next steps will be to improve cache handling of textures. The current cache implementation doesn't expire anything, which is fine for very small vanilla textures but hits problems with large upgraded textures. A sensible expiration scheme will improve this substantially.

And I probably have other texture memory leaks still needing to be plugged. It's an incremental process, but we're getting there. :)

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