Some things with the Github version...

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Re: Some things with the Github version...

Post by Interkarma » Fri Feb 23, 2018 9:42 pm

Fair enough, I'll try to add more detail around that then.

It's not so simple to cherry-pick a perfect design while I'm simultaneously building the item class and reverse engineering the classic data structures to learn how they work. I don't exactly have source code to work from, or design specs, just raw streams of bytes I need to deconstruct and somehow bridge into an entirely new code base and engine.

At the outset, I had about 5% of the total information needed to reproduce items in Daggerfall Unity in a way that could support import from classic saves and conform to other as-yet unknown requirements in future systems. For example, if I changed the item design too much from classic would this increase difficulty of supporting magic items and artifacts in future?

Two years later we both have the benefit of hindsight. But when I'm building this code, I have to pick my battles and just do what I can to make it work while satisfying both known and unknown goals. I went through same process with quests I did with items, and now going through with spells. However much information is out there for Daggerfall, I promise it's nowhere near enough to reproduce that system for real. This is an insane, messy engineering process full of compromise and dirty hacks.

So game development, basically. :)

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