Pickpocketing rats and towns people

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Re: Pickpocketing rats and towns people

Post by R.D. » Sun Feb 18, 2018 4:59 am

Could be. To me it seems like the correct way for a fledgling thief to play is to be picking from townspeople and running from the guards, though 8-)

I think I may implement a setting with three values:
0 (default) = current behavior, you can pickpocket from townspeople and enemy classes. Same selection as early Daggerfall versions.
1 = you can also pickpocket from the other enemies. Same selection as later Daggerfall versions.
2 = you can pickpocket from townspeople, enemy classes, and enemies who it seems like you should be able to. I'm thinking: vampires, vampire ancients, giants, orcs, daedroths, daedra seducers (pre-transform), daedra lords, liches, ancient liches. Basically anything that looks like it might have a "pocket" or similar to pick from.

Another way to do it would be to allow pickpocketing for any opponent who carries gold, which would leave out animals, but it would include enemies who don't look like they have anything to pick from (nymphs, imps, skeletal warriors, etc.). But it would be kind of cool if it removed from the actual gold amount they carry. Maybe you could even pickpocket items like in later TES games.

It would also be nice if we could pick from flat NPCs in buildings, but this opens up new problems, like adding response from castle guards if you pickpocket someone in the castle, or disabling pickpocket from naked NPCs.

I generally have been avoiding adding design decisions beyond what classic has because these kinds of considerations come up, it affects game balance, other people might not agree with the decisions I make, and I think we should focus on getting classic's features in first. But yeah, I might add in some third setting here, no promises on anything, though.

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Re: Pickpocketing rats and towns people

Post by Carlos Danger » Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:21 am

I know you said "No promises" but considering a chief Daggerfall experience of mine was failing to pickpocket a werewolf outside of privateers hold, and then having random guards show up to defend that werewolf's rights. Like the country of Daggerfall's gonna defend the rights of loups. No lycanthrope rights activists here. And if you brought the werewolf to court and try and cross exam it, it will probably just eat the judge, baliff, and the prosecutor.

Edit: forgot to add the part where I say that a smarter pickpocket system would be nice.
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