[Blog] Daggerfall Unity 0.13 Rendering Update

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Re: [Blog] Daggerfall Unity 0.13 Rendering Update

Post by Hazelnut »

Hi Interkarma, I loaded up 0.13.1 for the first time today and immediately noticed the player torch is very weak compared to before the lighting update. After investigating I found that the PlayerAdvanced prefab -> Torch -> Light component has it's intensity set to 0.75 rather than the value of 2 it was before. (checked 0.12.1) The range value has also changed from 6 to 5, but this is overriden by values from the items providing light so is not an issue. Intensity is calculated as a multiplier of the set base value which is now less than half what it was.

Did you change these values to tune the player light for the default of not using player items? I can't think of any other reason these values would be changed, but I would like to be sure before I work out how to adjust the player item lighting.

I can very easily fix this in the code if the new values are what are needed with lighting update and not an unintended change.
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Re: [Blog] Daggerfall Unity 0.13 Rendering Update

Post by Interkarma »

Lighting appears relatively brighter under linear, especially near the outer edge of light radius (falloff is different). Part of this review is to retune light sources previously set under gamma appropriate to linear colourspace. The player torch was particularly strong and had to be lowered.

I tried to tune everything to a similar apparent brightness and falloff as 0.12, and worked through all item based light sources while deciding new base value. But I don't always get things right first time and the point of these preview builds is for everyone to give me feedback. So duly noted and let's tune it some more until we're both happy.

In any case, it would be good idea to set item based light sources independently of the default player torch. Send me a PR with your preference and we'll kick it around together.

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