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Daggerfall Unity 0.11.7 Beta

Posted: Thu Jul 29, 2021 10:52 pm
by Interkarma
This release fixes issue where player is misplaced in wilderness, possibly falling out of world. This can happen when exiting a building or loading a save created by 0.11.5 or 0.11.6. If you have installed either of these versions, please update to 0.11.7 as soon as possible.

Note that saves created by 0.11.5 or 0.11.6 might still cause player to be misplaced on load due to bad position data in save. Once you have updated to 0.11.7, update your save to fix serialized position data. If you are falling out of world then fast travel to nearest location.

This release also fixes issue for exterior automap compatibility with DREAM HUD & Menu mod introduced in 0.11.5. If you are using that mod and previously installed 0.11.5, please update to latest release. ... .11.7-beta