OpenMW, Morrowind remakes

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Re: OpenMW, Morrowind remakes

Post by mikeprichard » Tue Sep 04, 2018 3:36 pm

Thanks; that's about what I thought was going on. Scrawl's departure, despite being high profile, doesn't seem to have actually affected progress, as I noted earlier. And as a non-developer, I would agree that relying on MWSE (and the constraints that would entail) would likely not be the best route for the future. But again, these are just my thoughts; I don't see what can usefully be said on any of this from a DFU perspective. Spilling these arguments over to forums outside the OpenMW community just doesn't seem likely to be helfpul IMHO.

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Re: OpenMW, Morrowind remakes

Post by Jay_H » Tue Sep 04, 2018 8:24 pm

Ah, that's the matter then.

I've tried to follow a rule, though I haven't done so well all the time: I try to speak of others with the same respect as if they were present and hearing/reading my words. As I would have kept out of the matter on the OpenMW forums had I been a member there, so likewise I'll keep out of the matter here other than to wish everyone over there the best.

As for the change in Github, Interkarma hasn't mentioned any change in plans, and it looks like things will go forward the same until further notice.
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Re: OpenMW, Morrowind remakes

Post by CM August » Tue Sep 04, 2018 11:56 pm

charlieg wrote:
Tue Sep 04, 2018 9:20 am
He wanted off of Github and even floated ditching support for non-open-source operating systems i.e. just support Linux for now. Obviously not many reacted positively to this and he ragequit the project.
Some more clarity is needed: that was a parting remark in response to some wise guy in the thread who declared they would make a Windows-exclusive fork, negating half the "open" in OpenMW. He had in fact already made the decision to leave; the other developers understood his frustration and were very sorry to see him go.

It's regrettable since he did so much work on the project for many years, but it hasn't actually lost any steam; the next version release is looking to be twice as big as the last.

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Re: OpenMW, Morrowind remakes

Post by charlieg » Thu Sep 06, 2018 9:18 am

Ah, thanks for the clarification. That makes scrawl's position make a bit more sense. Sorry for the misrepresentation - I wasn't following it "live" and somewhat scanread the thread to work out what the hullaballoo was about. I do remember the clashing to be mostly caused by non-openmw-developers which did seem a bit odd.

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Re: OpenMW, Morrowind remakes

Post by Narf the Mouse » Fri Sep 07, 2018 10:23 am

From the perspective of someone who has some familiarity with Antlr4, it would probably be easier to make Lua the scripting language, port in MWSE functions, and make a conversion tool to port MW script to Lua, than the other way around.

If MW script is the same as Oblivion script but less capable, then you have a few simple types, some state-dependent constants, and function calls. That's... Not that hard, if you just want to add/remove parenthesis and rename types (even if the types are the same, you still run them through a pass-through conversion, for future planning). Of course, 20% of the work takes 80% of the time, and Amdahl's Law. Heh. But I think Amdahl's Law would hit harder going the other way around, because you'd basically have to make your own Lua.
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Re: OpenMW, Morrowind remakes

Post by jayhova » Thu Nov 29, 2018 12:02 am

Someone asked me the other day what makes the revival of Daggerfall so important and why should similar revivals not be just as important for later games; what makes Daggerfall so great? I thought about it for some time.

When I bought Morrowind I was disappointed. I was saddened about all the things they left out even as I was enjoying the new game. The game was simplified in order to include voice acting, among other things. The land mass was shrunk by 2 orders of magnitude. Cites became villages. The game made huge sacrifices in order to be visually and audibly appealing and for the sake of expedient gameplay. To me, the answer to my friend's question is, that as the engine is improved the problems with Daggerfall diminish; but as the engine in Morrowind improves, the deficiencies in the design become more pronounced.

At the time of Morrowind's release, a group came up with the idea of recreating Tamriel in whole. This excited me, but the problem was with the route Todd Howard took, they could not do what Julian Lefay had done in Daggerfall. You could not recreate a 1:1 map of the Morrowind province. This created a need for the TR team to hand build everything and still have it be a terribly compressed scale. This made everything take a very long time.

The problems with Morrowind can never be addressed in the old engine. The original MW engine never had to power to do what the Daggerfall engine did. I would like to see the Morrowind that Julian Lefay might have created. I would like to see a marriage of these two dissimilar worlds. I would like to see a procedurally created landscape based on the existing material. This can only come about if there is an engine to support this.

OpenMorrowind makes the original game playable on multiple platforms and allows enhancements impossible in the original engine. My interest was drawn to the project because I also had an interest in TR and checked on it every so often. After following OpenMW, I looked for a Daggerfall project like OpenMW and found DFWorkshop.
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