A skill system I thought up

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A skill system I thought up

Post by Feralwarlord » Sun Oct 28, 2018 10:00 am

While it's very much inspired by the skill system of tes I figure you guys might be interested, heck someone may want to try modding it in to dfu eventually and well I sometimes like making up stuff like this and felt like sharing. Anyway preamble aside time to start describing it.

there are 4 skill categories:
Class - these are the skills used by your class and as such are predetermined by the class you select at character creation
Major - your characters major skills selected at character creation, these skills max out at 120 instead of the normal 100
Minor - your characters other skills
Miscellaneous - all of the other skills, these skills start at 0 and cannot be used or leveled up until you receive training in them

When creating a character you select your characters major and minor skills and spend "skill points" to assign them. Minor skills cost 1 "skill point" and major skills cost 1 + ([current number of major skills)*2). You may also make your class skills major skills if you so chose.

To level up you simply need to raise your major, minor and class skills same as morrowind/oblivion.

So what do you all think? I think it could be interesting and it gives they player some choices to make at character creation such as whether to have as many skills as they can or have a few core skills that can be leveled higher than would otherwise be possible (and consequently would be more powerful).

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