Daggerfall (classic) view enhancer for Linux/MacOS

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Daggerfall (classic) view enhancer for Linux/MacOS

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I finally got around to getting my "Eye of Argonia" alternative working, albeit barely. This is more of a learning exercise for me but I figured some people may find it useful if you're still playing classic Daggerfall. I'm aware the code is sloppy; I'm open to suggestions if anyone here is experienced with Python 3.x.

A few key differences with Eye of Argonia:
  • Cross-compatibility - This should work in MacOS as well but I haven't tested it yet
  • More options than just "max distance." Most people will probably want the maximum but I like options.
This will only work if you haven't touched the view distance slider in-game. As of right now it just spits out a "newsavetree" file which you will need to manually rename to "SAVETREE.DAT". Eye of Argonia definitely has me beat for ease of use right now. :)

I tried to get a decent representation of what each option looks like in-game:
(imgur link since posted images here utterly failed https://imgur.com/a/qclD7RQ)

Copy "dfve_cli.py" to the SAVE* directory of the saved game you intend on modifying. It's not exactly a complex script so it should work with either "python3 dfve_cli.py" or "python3.7 dfve_cli.py".

I hope someone finds this useful. Enjoy!


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