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CommunityUs Release

Post by communityus » Sat Apr 13, 2019 9:01 am

Hi everyone,

A few of you may have seen my Legal Question post here:

After hashing out all the nitty gritty details above - myself and 1x artist have decided to make a go at a branch of this engine for production purposes.

The majority of the work has already been done by everyone here esp. Interkarma to approximate interaction with arena2 file types - what we don't have is our own copyleft or similar non Bethesda IP (Intellectual Property) file set for arena2, with close specifications so a fully new product can be made without strings attached - aside from MIT libre use for not only the engine but default file set that avoid derivative pitfalls by fitting existing open art into the provided template and created by an artist with no ties to this project. (Retrofitting)

What we have done thus far:
Stripped required file set down from ~1700 items (the default in arena2) to only 30 files to render a chunk with houses, trees, animated cows and a few signs.

Note this is the default model in the DaggerfallUnity Component Script, however it now loads a different block set. After further refinement and content replacement we will document the spec and standardize it free of any IP.


Block Name:
CUSTAA06.RMB (remapped to our cow scene)

Let us call it, "Isle of Ball/Dice Twice" for now.

We also have reduced the file types needed to only 7.
  • 20x TEXTURE.???'s
  • 3x BSA's (ARCH3D/BLOCKS/MAPS - blocks and maps have been reduced to less than 5MB collectively, nothing done yet to reduce ARCH3D)
  • 2x UI's for the mod menu (ICON00I0, MASK04I0)
  • 1x ART_PAL.COL
  • 1x SKY??.DAT
  • 1x WOODS.WLD (only 40KB!)
  • 1x FLATS.CFG
This means we've pulled about 75MB out of BLOCKS/MAPS/WOOD files.
As a bonus we have verified CLIMATE.PAK and POLITICS.PAK work, they have been shrunk to 1KB only! Just haven't lined it up with WOODS.WLD yet so everything is from same area and demoing a large feature set of the engine from our own files.

Below is a screenshot, of course what is left is still Bethesda IP but this is all we have left to strip out and replace with open source IP or open licensed stuff from the community here.

The first goal will be to allow anyone to launch a pixel art level project, then fast coming support for all the mod types here esp. the open source ones (all thus far?)

We are pushing hard to wrap up a demo over the next few weeks. I may ask a few of you for use of your screenshots for promotional pieces. This post will serve as the place to discuss matters related to this Community Project. We don't plan to highjack the forums here, as our use case differs but in the overlap we will chat about anything related.
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