New house, new room.

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Re: New house, new room.

Post by Dalebvr » Sat Sep 21, 2019 11:22 am

Tell me about it. HVAC is a definite pro job. Ours died at 10 years on the dot. Found out the unit used was 2/3rds the size needed for the square footage, which explained it running flat out all the time. We had always had a lot of dust in the house, and discovered when they replaced it that the air return box the heat exchanger was resting on in the garage had -no- bottom to it. No gasket, no siicone sealant, nothing. Haven't had any issue with dust since we got the new unit. Of course a decade of grinding that stuff into the carpet meant it was ruined, but that gave me an excuse to start putting down laminate. Learned a lot of things to check that most never think to even wonder about; not much use as we aren't moving, but others can learn from our fun and games.... :/

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