Older games recommendations

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Re: Older games recommendations

Post by Firebrand »

The entire Ultima series, my favorites being, in order:
  • Ultima VIII - Pagan
  • Ultima VI - The False Prophet
  • Ultima VII
  • Ultima IV
  • Ultima III - Exodus
  • Ultima I
  • Ultima II
I've never really liked Ultima IX and as today, I've never managed to finish Ultima V, because of the lack of a decent port 😅

Also, my favorite JRPG series of all time, Ys.
My favorites being
  • Ys I & Ys II
  • Ys Origin
  • Ys - Oath in Felghana

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Re: Older games recommendations

Post by Ommamar »

Orbarth wrote: Sat Dec 21, 2019 7:06 pm Most old favorites have already been mentionned, hard to add more as there have been so many titles already listed.
I'll try to add a few more from my dos collection

4D Boxing , probably the best boxing simulator (fun building a guy career and stats then coming back to a fight against one of the early opponents that gave you trouble)
Aces of the Deep , it was a fantastic subsim in its time
Aces over Pacific , very good even on keyboard flight sim during the pacific war between USA and Japan
Colonisation , a very good 4X based on the colonisation of the newly discovered American continent by old European powers
Covert Action , amazing "superspy" agent/detective simulator, incredibly replayable with cases and villains generated
Darklands , very good in its "freeform" gameplay especially for its time, the illustration were incredibly good at delivering the atmosphere of the game
Frontier Elite 2 , incredible evolution of the old Elite, newtonian physics, 3D and etc , ah the good old Sol - Barnard Star cargo run in the beginning to make money
Heroes of Might&Magic 2 , while the version 3 that has already been mentionned is the best of the serie, HoMM2 is still very good to play
Hidden Agenda , an interesting political game in which you try to manage a fictional South American country after the fall of its dictator
Lords of the Realms 2 , it was a nice kingdom management game, going through seasons with possibility of diplomacy
Master of Orion , my favorite space 4X , i even find it much better than its acclaimed sequel Master of Orion 2
Pirates , in its time it was a very good game, exploration piratey stuff and ship battle, the only low point was the fencing part it was utterly bad
Red Storm Rising , incredible game in its time with fantastic elements of modern sub simulator mixed with a dynamic campaign reacting to your win/loss
Sword of the Samurai , excellent game in medieval japan, leading your clan (or yourself as you could travel solo) to war, honor and death, a masterpiece from Microprose
Theme Hospital , lots of fun in this hospital builder game with insane type of disease to heal
XCOM1 (UFO Defense) , great tactical battles, super unfair too as you'll lose squaddies in dozens each months but tons of fun
I actually liked HOMM 2 out of that series, it is really the only one I will go back and play every once in awhile.

The first time I played Master of Orion it was as team with a good friend discussing and making decisions together. The very first game we did amazing well so well in fact that we had nearly beat it getting the AI down to one ship when it promptly crashed. We had both been so focused and in to the game we hadn't saved for a very long time, it just killed are interest for quite awhile.

The original Xcom is the fist game I can remember where you seemed to be doing well then the aliens upped their game and you where losing badly. It was well enough done though that you would willingly start over to again get to that point. While I liked the remakes they didn't seem to have that same feel of the original.

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Re: Older games recommendations

Post by King of Worms »

Very nice list already :)

So what about Ishar trilogy?

I plan to try this one, my 2nd try already, its somehow so repulsive to me :oops:

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Re: Older games recommendations

Post by Arioch »

Old games that I replay every few years:

Star Trek 25th Anniversary & Judgement Rites (CD-ROM versions)
Blade Runner
System Shock 1&2

Old games I semi-regularly play:

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis
Frontier: Elite 2
(On a ZX Speccy emulator)Laser Squad & Chaos

...and I’m currently on my annual play of the updated version of:

Lords Of Midnight (iOS)

...which I start on the winter solstice and play one turn per day.

If anyone enjoyed Red Storm Rising, there is a modern remake called Cold Waters which is well worth a purchase.

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Re: Older games recommendations

Post by King of Worms »

Systemshocks never leave my HDD :)
I think SS2 has the best coop gameplay ever..

Anyway, Ive found this game from my personal top3 on ZX spectrum+

Oh and this one :)

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Re: Older games recommendations

Post by jayhova »

Dungeon Master: A decade before Daggerfall

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Re: Older games recommendations

Post by King of Worms »

I remember the times of DM1 - game had its mystery, rules and laws you had to find on your own by playing it. Its crazy good game and I might actually replay it.

Just after the Stonekeep.. I need to finally beat that game!!!

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Re: Older games recommendations

Post by Seferoth »

Good old NetHack is also something i like to recommend to people. Quite tough to learn, but very rewarding gaming experience when you get the hang of things. Oh, and ADOM! I loove ADOM! Especially the new Steam Version.
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Re: Older games recommendations

Post by pango »

I was wondering is somebody would mention "The DevTeam Thinks Of Everything" Nethack...
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Re: Older games recommendations

Post by Orbarth »

Nethack is one of my less favorite roguelike , i prefered a lot more Angband and ADoM at the time.

Thinking about some non-PC games i enjoyed in their time, choosing titles that were also not mentionned in this thread yet .

On Amstrad CPC
The Way of the Exploding Fist , similarly to International Karate that was produced later the game was very inspired by the coin op "Karate Champ", i liked a lot the simulation aspect, this sport duel aspect was very original in a time in which beat em up was the norm.
Silent Service , how much time spent with this subsim, even with how limited it was at the time in comparison to modern sub games i liked the tension and feeling when destroyers were circling around your sub.
Redhawk , a very original adventure game following the tracks of a journalist guy that can transform into a superhero , the originality was that it was presented in 3 panels comics sequences, and you were free to explore the city , take taxi, fly, go into trains etc... and surrounding and do superhero things (ah the "punch mugger" :D ) or journalist "take photo" , i had a lot of fun with this one. There was a background plot you could completely ignore (bad choice as the city exploded then in the end).

On Atari ST
Hunter , a breakgrounding game for its time an "open world" large environment to explore, vehicles and enemies, i liked surfing around the sharks and enemy boats.
as someone mentionned Dungeon Master already, i'll point then to Chaos Strike Back its sequel, i remember drawing maps for this one, some floors were tricky as at the time walls graphics all looked mostly the same when a tile teleported you it was hard to figure out where you landed
Sherman M4 , a great great ww2 tank sim, several theaters, artillery shelling around, you could give orders to other tanks in your platoon, bringing some tactical aspect in real time, loved that.

Super Nintendo
Street Fighters 2: World Warrior , on my late school years we used to play this one a lot between courses in a bar that was next to the buildings. When it went on a release on a home console, i couldn't resist , a friend was even more crazy and couldn't wait for the release in our country and imported it from Japan (and even had his console modified to be able to run japanese version of the cartridge)
Super Mario Kart , while "only" just good in solo the real strength of this one was that it was tons of fun when playing with a friend in split screen, such a jewel of a game it was like that.

On Nintendo64
nWo/WCW World Tour , i played that at a friend and was so amazed by how good it was that it became the reason i bought a 2nd hand nintendo 64, it was the 1st game of a very acclaimed and respected wrestling serie, just brillant fun.
Goldeneye , had to get this one after reading all the praises in game magazines at the time, never regretted the purchase, it was an incredible game with tons of replayability and good level design. Funny that i watched the movie only after having completed the game (some insane difficulty to unlock the last levels sometime failing at a second or two)

I'm a lot into emulation to fillfull my own nostalgia, but it's also sad how some of the games that i found brillant in my youth have aged so badly, fortunately there are some that stood the unforgiving test of time

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