Australian Wildfires

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Re: Australian Wildfires

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King of Worms wrote: Mon Jan 06, 2020 9:57 am
Firebrand wrote: Mon Jan 06, 2020 8:40 am
King of Worms wrote: Sat Jan 04, 2020 11:17 am Were those big fires always going on there in the past decades? If not, what has changed? Prolonged dry weather? Just trying to understand what is going on there.
That's Global Warming, also know as Climate Change. Unfortunately, it will only get worse until all world governments start acting, we completely stop burning fossil fuels, and start planting trillions of tree, to take back some CO2 from the atmosphere.

Sorry if I'm so direct, but I'm following what's happening in Australia and other parts of the world, and it makes me feel really angry. I simply can't stand politicians ignoring the problem. How can Australia continue to mine and extract carbon? 38.4% of the coal exported in the entire world comes from just this country. It's like exporting bullets for your own execution...
Have you just hijacked the thread to push your "stop climate change" crap?
You made a question, I cannot resist to answer :lol: It's the elephant in the room.

However, that's the reason for the increasing wildfire, but I get that the topic of this post is different. Sorry for hijacking the post. :)

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Re: Australian Wildfires

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No worries, you can start the new thread Id say.. why not

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Re: Australian Wildfires

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I have done some wild land firefighting so fairly up on things in the United States. One of the huge issues with the majority of the states is wilderness mismanagement and habitation encroachment. Fire is actually a natural process in the life of a forest or jungle but it is usually started by lightning but if humans build in forests they raise the chance a huge amount of a fire occurring. The other factor is that there is then pressure for a fire to be put out by human beings instead of naturally fading out. So over time you get a huge amount of undergrowth and if disease hit dead trees which are a much more combustible fuel then live. Combine this with the warming trend that has developed over the past 15-20 years you have created a tinder box that is more likely to combust then once on fire is harder to manage. If you look at California which has the most people living in these high risk areas the problem becomes worse as the main focus becomes protecting habitation instead of controlling the fire that has occurred.

Anyway glad you are alright interkarma it sounds like you have a solid evacuation plan and the sense to use it when/if the time comes where your property is threatened.

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Re: Australian Wildfires

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Firebrand wrote: Mon Jan 06, 2020 11:55 am You made a question, I cannot resist to answer :lol: It's the elephant in the room.
He was specifically asking for info on Australia's wildfires in the past decades, not vague Greta Thunbergesque sentiments with no substance whatsoever, so technically, no, you weren't even answering the question, you just jumped in right on cue to push a specific agenda.
Also, not every disaster is directly caused by human activities messing up the climate. Look at the celestial bombardment that caused dinosaurs to go extinct, the centuries-long temperature anomaly called the Little Ice Age that highly inconvenienced (hint: understatement) life in the Northern hemisphere in the Middle Ages, geomagnetic excursions, or the 2012 solar flare that almost knocked out our global electronical infrastructure (by the way, I would have thought this was notable enough to warrant a bit more media attention at the time - in at least the more environmentally conscious crowds - considering that it could have fundamentally changed our way of life). Human activity had bugger all to do with any of those.
Unfortunately it's hard to separate facts from sophomoric crap in this topic as a great deal of the scientific research turns out to have been politically motivated and the numbers fudged, as well as discrepancies in measuring methods skewing data significantly in studies that use them and are otherwise genuinely ethically carried out.

I'm of course not saying we shouldn't be more careful and strive to be sustainable, but I'm also tired of the sophomoric "WE'LL ALL BE DEAD WITHIN FIVE YEARS GET YO' SHIT TOGETHER" hippie scare-mongering I've been constantly hearing from the dim greens for the 35 years of my life.
Interkarma: Really sorry to hear about what's going on over there, keep a stiff upper lip, take care of yourselves.
"Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest."
- Mark Twain

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Re: Australian Wildfires

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Hmm...yeah, these Controversial/Political issues ranting really belongs on Reddit or elsewhere. For someone like me who hears this stuff screamed at them every day in the news anyway, I try to dedicate a moment here and there to escape from all that by either playing games or going on more generally pleasant forums like this one. But it seems to keep following me everywhere. :roll: I hope this political ranting junk doesn't become a trend on the forums. But that's up for the moderators to decide and I respect their decisions.

Thank you Ommamar for your valuable input! You know your stuff about wildfires and your post was very helpful and enlightening. The wildfires that are occurring around the world right now are truly tragic for nature, wildlife and people. Hopefully they can discover a better way to manage the fires and manage the forests. It's truly sad. Stay safe!

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Re: Australian Wildfires

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If Interkarma has any further updates for us, I'm sure he'll post them here :)

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Re: Australian Wildfires

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I'm sorry to see this veering off track this morning. That was not my intention when starting this topic. I feel that I've gotten across the message I wanted to (that I am safe and well here Down Under).

Thank you again everyone for your support and well wishes. :)