Original E3 1997 Battlespire and Redguard previews found

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Original E3 1997 Battlespire and Redguard previews found

Post by MrFlibble » Mon Jan 20, 2020 11:13 am

Recently, BetaArchive user Awooo shared a selection of previews that had been salvaged from the Finnish gaming website MBNet. These include two folders with images (screenshots, concept art and renders) and other material for Battlespire and Redguard that had been shown at E3 1997. Most images are known from magazine and online publications but were previously unavailable in original lossless quality (MBNet archives contain stuff in BMP format and even with original file names).

Currently, the UESP Wiki only has the character concept art from both games, and none of the 1997 screenshots. Downsized JPEG versions of some screenshots were available from Bethesda's website (Wayback Machine snapshot from 1997) while others known from online previews and/or magazine scans. Recently I found the entire collection of Redguard shots at a certain website in almost-prefect quality but the site absolutely had to slap its logo on every image (but at least the logo, thankfully, wasn't as huge as that of the Polish Secret Service magazine).

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Re: Original E3 1997 Battlespire and Redguard previews found

Post by Azteca » Mon Jan 20, 2020 4:02 pm

That Redguard city drawing is really cool.

Since the original archive contains material for lots of games and the BMPs are large, I took the liberty of converting to optimized PNGs. Use the BMPs if you want to do any processing but this should let everyone (especially those on mobile) take a look. One folder is GIF so I left it alone.

Battlespire ESB1E397: https://imgur.com/gallery/Xcbb6QW
Battlespire ESB2E397: https://imgur.com/gallery/1NOz5L5
Redguard ESR1E397: https://imgur.com/gallery/IoRajIZ
Redguard ESR2E397: https://imgur.com/gallery/63l0VmW

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