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Re: "Fallout - The Frontier" - Heads up

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I dont think games should accommodate to anyones belief system. Its like requesting a writers to write in some way. Or a painter to paint only certain types of images. For me, its ridiculous idea. And quite a new one - one of the ideas which rised lately, with all the confusion of gender and color, where ppl forgot where the ceiling and the floor is, and where their head is as well :D

Dont like the content, fine, move on (generally speaking, not towards anyone here)

PS: I dont think there ever was any pedo content in the game, its just that the rumors grew out of the proportions and started their new life of its own. That person who was accused of pedo (Which most likely was just BS anyway) drew a freakin pip boy icons :D And they removed those (I dont really understand why tho, thats another ridiculous thing to do?)

Anyway, I quite like the mod and was feeling pity towards the guys who spend 7 years on this project they LOVED just to get shitstormed. Yes, its maybe not perfect (still better than Cyberpunk tho, so.......) but its also not end of the story, dev will work on it and the community will build on that as well in the future. Its just sad they focus their work on drawing new pip boy icons - and if that person is after 2 years called a thief, they will remove the icons again? Thats all KINDS of ridiculous, because since when are we responsible for the personal life of ppl we dont even know personally?

Have you seen the DREAM credits? There are already 10s of ppl and Ive never met anyone in person. Will I get shitstormed when someone finds out one of these did allegedly something bad privately? Will I remove their contributions - lets say icons? Erase them from the credits? Apologize for their behavior I had not control over? Hell no I wont! :lol: But its the same story. So I hope its evident how ridiculous this part in fact is :roll:

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Re: "Fallout - The Frontier" - Heads up

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BadLuckBurt wrote: Wed Mar 03, 2021 8:50 pm You don't sell a kid if you have his best interests at heart unless I'm mistaken :D I don't mind it being in the game and none of the Frontier's content needed to be cut out either as I can tell from what I've heard / read about it.

And unless someone tells me otherwise, as far as I know, all that dev posted on his IG was MLP sex stuff which does not equal child porn in my book, it's cartoon ponies, how does that hurt anyone exactly? The Aristocrats joke https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Aristocrats is more offensive than that, depending on who tells it and I'll happily laugh at that.
Yeah, you’re right, I get that. Guess I was just concentrating on the question of whether the kid was actually going to be harmed beyond being sold. Either way, it’s still very messed up, but I don’t think on the levels of Fallout 1 or 2, and overall don’t have an issue with this kind of stuff being in games.

True, there is a lot of MLP porn, along with other animal/monster related porn, on the internet for a very long time. Not sure what to think about that, other than No Thanks! But yeah, not really grounds to ban someone.
BadLuckBurt wrote: Wed Mar 03, 2021 8:50 pm The internet used to be a place of freedom for all but nowadays it's just getting more and more suffocating if you don't think the 'right' way and say the 'correct' things.

King of Worms wrote: Wed Mar 03, 2021 10:00 pm I dont think games should accommodate to anyones belief system...

Yeah, I agree for the most part here. As long as the game isn’t doing something truly illegal, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Man, I don’t know anymore. It’s just unfortunate the devs went to that extent to remove that much content in response to a Hate-Mob who were never going to be satisfied anyway. Still for me, it was that one character who was potentially “underaged” that really bothered me. But my feelings about that may not be valid anymore.

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