Skyrim SE Full Parallax Support

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Skyrim SE Full Parallax Support

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Maybe I'm the only one who missed this, but I discovered POM (parallax mapping) support, including that legendary terrain POM shaders, for Skyrim SE were released at the end of last year. I had been waiting to move over and replay Skyrim until this was finally figured out and released. Well, now that it is, playing and modding Skyrim SE is becoming a huge time sink. But dang, are the graphical improvements worth it. Proper parallaxed, reflective, dynamic flowing water alone is jaw dropping. Anyways, I'll get this out some time soon.

Here is my current build. I'm still waiting on vivid landscapes to finish releasing all his parallax textures for SE and am messing around with some lighting mods to get a good natural, realistic feel, but so far looking great.

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Re: Skyrim SE Full Parallax Support

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God such a underwhelming reaction here :D
I saw the vids and it looks awesome. Made me want to mess be SE some more. But that will have to wait, until I get a new GFX card, so maybe in 2025 ;) Thanks for sharing!

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