High Hopes

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King of Worms
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High Hopes

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From time to time, this song comes to me and totally crushes me to the dust. Happened to me yesterday when I drove my car, than I played it in the evening when I got home few times, letting it all out. If you dont know the song, listen to it now and let it in... If you know it, you already know what I mean ;)

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Re: High Hopes

Post by Interkarma »

I feel what you're saying. I first heard this song after picking up the Pulse album in the mid-90s. I'd just been booted out of home at 19 the year before, and this song in particular plugged directly into my angst and loss.

Any time I hear it now, even so many years later, it puts me straight back into those early days of real adult life, of having no clue what to do next and feeling like I'd already lost everything before I even started. Crushed to dust is a great way to describe the feeling. :)

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