Daggerfall Bingo

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Daggerfall Bingo

Post by Jay_H » Fri Apr 07, 2017 10:05 pm

Hey everyone, just another idea to post. I have no idea how fun it is since I haven't tried it yet. It comes out of the speedrunning community, who do bingo for games like Zelda:OOT. They use a table like this which automatically generates various arbitrary goals. They usually race to do it, but with Daggerfall it doesn't have to be a competition.

You use a site like this to generate Bingo squares, filling the highest field with arbitrary goals. In my case, the resulting cards came out like this (I made 3 but only 1 is necessary). From there you just see if you can make a Bingo with a character you generate :)

My string to generate these cards was:

Code: Select all

Strength 75+, Join Mages Guild, Pickpocket an Enemy, Find Spriggan, Dwarven Cuirass, Level 7+, Kill an Enemy with 2Handed Weapon, Cast Mark (Recall effect), Get Thrown in Jail, Get a Horse, Get a Cart, Iron Tanto, Intelligence 75+, Kill Sabertooth Tiger, Pick a House Lock, Speed 85+, Dodging 40+, Climbing 35+, Long Blade 50+, Blunt Weapon 50+, Mysticism 50+, Destruction 60+, Find a Daedra, Kill Werewolf / Wereboar, Silver Long Sword, Any Daedric Armor, Join Knight Faction, Find Scourg Barrow, Complete Any Quest for Gothryd, Kill Any Enemy with Hand to Hand, Pick 5+ Locks in Dungeons, Sell $10000+ at Once, Kill Gargoyle, Any Mithril Long Blade, Any Orcish Equipment, Get Diseased (No Lycan/Vampirism), Complete Any Dark Brotherhood Quest, Kill 3+ Guards Without Being Caught, Complete Lhotun's Quest, Complete Aubki's Shedungent Quest, Kill Daedroth, Trap Any Soul, Do Any Fighters Guild Quest, Sell Any Daedric Equipment, Do Mages Guild Quest "Night Guard", Go to Odd Blades in Daggerfall, Buy a Ship, Kill a Rat, Kill a Sorcerer, Join Stendarr Temple, Join Julianos Temple, Complete Helseth's Castellian Quest, Become Pond Scum / Hated Anywhere, Short Blade 50+, Stealth 60+, Luck 70+, Willpower 75+, Speed 90+, Critical Strike 40+, Running 50+, Enter a Furniture Store, Kicked Out of Any Guild / Order, Impish 10+, Dragonish 15+, Daedric 20+, Do 3+ Innkeeper quests, Kite Shield, Any Gloves, Leather Boots
EDIT: I added more values, so there's a greater variation among hard and easy tasks :)
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Re: Daggerfall Bingo

Post by Interkarma » Fri Apr 07, 2017 10:09 pm

How have I never come across this before? Great concept. :)

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