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Re: Re Twitter

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I noticed on Reddit that a person claimed Quest Pack 1 was breaking Warm Ashes and the rest of the game when it certainly was not true. I was bothered at first but I let it go. One person isn't going to make a big difference, particularly with the rather passionate fanbase we have. We correct errors, clear up misunderstandings, and keep loving this great game that we've put our work into. Things will be fine :)
Farewell DFU community! My time here has been a joy.

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Re: Re Twitter

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Well, he blocked me. Moving on.
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Re: Re Twitter

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You're absolutely right Jay, things will be fine. There's a lot more good information out there today than 2015. Back then, people would frequently tell me that Unity couldn't run a world the size of Daggerfall - even though that was one of the first things I did and it was already doing that. Quite baffling. :)

And if people still prefer classic, I'm OK with that too. It has a pure DOS vibe all of its own that DFU will never fully replace. I obviously love classic as well or I'd never spend so much time on this passion project. This whole thing started from me loving on Daggerfall so much that I had to find new ways to enjoy it. I'm just grateful that so many other people came along for the ride or it would never be what it is today.

Edit: Will close this topic for now. The purpose here was for forum members to discuss my twitter feed with me without actively being on twitter. It isn't a platform for any random person just because they also happen to be on twitter. That person does not follow me and obviously isn't well acquainted with the project. Please leave them alone and let them form their own opinions in their own time. Thank you all!