Reworking found items

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Reworking found items

Post by Helegad » Fri Oct 26, 2018 2:50 am

As anyone who has played Daggerfall long enough knows, you can find about a million gold's worth of items in on slain foes in any dungeon by level 20, and by the same time, dungeon exploration will not yield any more real surprises. It would be nice to see more consistency in found items and exploration rewards, to give quest rewards (and money in general) and found items more value. Some ideas:
  • Slain beasts should have a chance of carrying up to two ingredients.
  • Slain humanoids should have a chance of carrying up to two ingredients, some gold, up to two pieces of armor (max. Ebony quality), one weapon (max. Ebony quality), and a map.
  • Sacks and treasure piles should have a chance of carrying up to two ingredients, some gold, and one piece of armor or a weapon (max. Mithril quality) or a map.
  • Unused quest locations should have a chance of finding real treasures, such as weapons and armor (min. Elven quality), leveled gold x2, up to two ingredients, and a map.
  • Weapons and armor found on enemies should never be brand new (max. battered quality)
  • Weapon and armor smiths should be able to create weapons and armor for the player, possibly with a prerequisite ingredient (eg. Daedric heart for Daedric quality).
Any suggestions?
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Re: Reworking found items

Post by jedidia » Fri Oct 26, 2018 9:26 am

I'm currently doing a bit of digging through the API because I want to do a loot mod (working title is "Tedious Loot", who would've thought...).

I've not yet actually started because I'm still looking for adequate hooks, but one of the major goals would be to make loot being actually used instead of always brand new. Especially armor, which usually you just spent some time bashing...

Also, I'm playing with the thought of introducing a fallout-3ish leveling system to dungeons. I.e. the dungeon level gets set when you first enter it, and then stays at that and doesn't scale to your character anymore.

No idea yet how feasible any of this is though...

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Re: Reworking found items

Post by Helegad » Sat Oct 27, 2018 1:40 am

That's a good idea! It'd also be nice to see persistent dungeon states so you can come across the remains of your enemies if you return and still have your local map in memory.

I've removed the leveled gold on enemies and piles for consistency.

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Re: Reworking found items

Post by Jay_H » Thu Nov 15, 2018 8:47 pm

For both of you who seem interested in making a loot mod, could I suggest enemy-appropriate ingredients? It seems odd to kill a hundred werewolves and get no werewolf blood. Same for imps and imp blood, or nymphs and nymph hair.
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