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Re: Mod Discussion

Post by LypyL »

Welcome to the forums Hoon! :)

I think better ambient sound effects would be a great addition. A lot of what you want to do is already possible, but i know this:
New footstep sound effects that vary based on the surface and the type of footwear being worn. I don't know how Daggerfall or DFTFU gets info on the surface being walked on
Is a little tricky for the moment, because of how the textures are loaded, but there are already plans to make it possible to check what texture the player is walking on (this came up w/ Uncanny_Valley's footstep mod).

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-This one might be tricky, but how about real-time signal processing so that we can add different reverb/delay settings to different interiors and dungeon blocks, or processing for being underwater and whatnot? This can do a lot for the atmosphere of the game.
If you haven't tried it yet, you should download Unity3d and play around with DFTFU and take a look at the audio. From a programming stand point, it's very easy to check if the player is inside (and I think it now checks what specific block the player is in when they're in a dungeon now). And Unity3d has basic settings for the audio including reverb.

For instance, if you check and find the player in a dungeon you can apply global filters to their audio listener.

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Re: Mod Discussion

Post by Interkarma »

Hey Hoon! It's always great to see a familiar (if abbreviated) name. :)

Right on, better ambient audio would be incredible. Everything you've listed should be possible right now, with most of the heavy lifting done by Unity's great audio system. It just needs code support to pull it all together.

In regard to footsteps and textures, there are two parts to this feature. I can expose texture from terrain without too many problems, but for models a more general-purpose solution will be needed. It should be possible to ray-hit a model then determine which submesh index (ergo texture) the player is standing on. It's just a matter of making it useful (like being able to group materials based on their audio qualities). So lots of work to do properly, but should be possible to at least get the basics in.

I'm planning a material upgrade in 1.4. This will include some fixes, better Unity5 support, texture swaps, and methods to query which texture the player is standing on. It probably won't be too useful right away, but will be a good start. :)

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Re: Mod Discussion

Post by Hoon »

Shucks, thanks you guys. Right now I'm only just getting set up; tonight I'll probably hash out a game plan/checklist in google docs and make a list of all of the sounds that need to be replaced (ie a list of all of Daggerfall's sounds), as well as a list of new sounds needed like weather and dungeon ambience. I want to create a significant amount of assets before we start actually talking about coding; carts and horses and all that.

Once I do have some sounds to show off I'll make a completely new thread.

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Re: Mod Discussion

Post by Lazaroth »

Hoon wrote:I'll probably PM Lazaroth soon to seek his counsel
I follow the DF Workshop forums, so no need to PM just to get my attention. ;)

Anyways, I've been thinking about doing something audio related as well when I finally get some free time. I can't tell when that is atm, but it's probably mid June sometime. If you want to discuss things, you can still send that PM and tell me your thoughts in more detail and I can tell you mine as well. Or if Skype/MSN/mail is more your thing, that's also an option.

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Re: Mod Discussion

Post by daggerdude »

Hey guys I just wanted to say that whats happening with this project has blown my mind, and I'm really optimistic on where this is going. I wish the same could be said for the XL engine, but its not; I really am glad this is open source and community based simply because... well look at how much has been in so little time due to collaborative efforts, and even just the ease of use! It's my hope that this project would become what it really ought to be: a daggerfall engine remake...
Perhaps by not so much reverse engineering as rather just implementing what is already known; alot about the skills, diseases, attributes, items, and monsters is common knowledge. Instead of making a facsimile, a near cousin is probably the better approach due to the ease of recoding and modding.
It's pretty well known daggerfall is/was a buggy, coding nightmare, and with new technology it makes more sense to just do a do over.

Not to say that daggerXL isn't a brilliant concept, but streamlining things and making them i fell is the future of the daggerfall community. I hope that all goes well with Lucius, but I'm officially turning my hopes to seeing this project totally fleshed out. Thanks Interkarma for all of your hard work, and thanks for all the gents who are kindly taking up this project.

When this gets to a point, i'd love to get involved with respriting weapons and armor, im currently limited because of the medieval programs for adding assets in the game... but i have some preliminary work on this, and perhaps even 3d art could be used for the HD rendition to which i am also interested/somewhat skilled in. Either way, i'm calling this the real McCoy here, and all my support will go to this project instead!

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Re: Mod Discussion

Post by Interkarma »

G'day daggerdude! Welcome to the forums. :) Thank you for the kind words and vote of confidence, I think that means a lot to not only myself, but everyone who has contributed to the project.

I look forward to seeing the assets you're building. Feel free to start a thread when you're ready to show them off. We're working on ways content creators like yourself can easily drop-in new textures and models to the world. In the meantime, check out Uncanny_Valley's World Objects mod. It's a great way to extend the default layouts with custom details.

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Re: Mod Discussion

Post by Ping »

Hello everyone!

I would love to see a mod which replaces the ghost sprite of Lysandus to his originally intended sprite, TEXTURE473.

Someone did it with Fallhack before but it would be better as a mod for Daggerfall Unity! <------- Youtube video

I would do this myself if I only knew how.

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