UI scale settings

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UI scale settings

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Just a simple % ratio of original size would do the trick nicely.
We have big screen high resolution displays compared to 1996, so the UI get quite clunky and obfuscates the game view too much.

Ive tested 50% and it was too small.

But 75% size looks great tho. It would be cool to have this as a option. It will not break up the immersion and connection to the world every time you look in your inventory or map..

Ive created a list of fullscreen menu tabs which will benefit from this and are easy to do (book, notebook is not easy,dues to the text formating)

INVE00I0.IMG - inventory - the most important one

Map systems:
AMAP00I0.IMG - basic map
TRAV0I00.IMG - big travel map including the 51 regional FMAPs

I know these tabs have sub-tabs inside them, so its not super easy to do, but I guess not too difficult.
75%.jpg (493.49 KiB) Viewed 514 times
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Re: UI scale settings

Post by Baler »

Thank you KoW

Edited out the drunk post. :oops:
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Re: UI scale settings

Post by Jay_H »

Baler wrote: Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:03 pm you're both the most controversial and progressive person in this community.
I thoroughly disagree with this assessment, for my part :geek:

Excellent contribution KOW, it looks great :)
Farewell DFU community! My time here has been a joy.

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