Merry Christmass

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King of Worms
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Merry Christmass

Post by King of Worms »

Hey hey hey,

just want to wish you all nice holidays, and a good year 2021... this one was crazy.. next one will be as well. So I wish us all to go thru it nicely. Before the sunrise, theres always the deepest darkness. So good thing is, we heading to that sunrise :)

Be well, thanks for nice place and community here.

Heres some NSFW greetings... all my existence is NSFW :D :twisted:
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Re: Merry Christmass

Post by Interkarma »

Merry Christmas KoW!

Here's to 2021 and all the fun Daggerfall times it might bring. :)

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Re: Merry Christmass

Post by WhiskeyTangoWoodElf »

Merry Christmas to all my fellow Daggerpeeps!

And stay classy KoW

Interkarma wrote: Fri Dec 25, 2020 2:07 am... and all the fun Daggerfall times it WILL bring. :)
Fixed it for you.

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