[Mod] Taverns Redone

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King of Worms
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Re: [Mod] Taverns Redone

Post by King of Worms »

As long as its the same as in original its good, I just noticed - and I can be wrong - that some of those vanished. I liked the one sitting at the fireplace in the back room for example. Also, its not really "just because", more like - they are not used anywhere else and dont really fit in other places but inns - I just wanted these NPCs to be present in game and not lost, thats all. Your mod, your decisions.

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Re: [Mod] Taverns Redone

Post by Uncanny_Valley »

New version released: 0.17!

50% of the taverns are now done! Yeah! :D

All the new taverns can be found in Eastwick in Daggerfall.

See first page for more info
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Re: [Mod] Taverns Redone

Post by Baler »

Looking good! keep up the great work!

Some other building types are starting to feel empty in comparison ;)

Also this mod is in the top 10 ranked DFU mods on Nexus, That's really impressive to be honest!!
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