Idea for marriage system

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Idea for marriage system

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Hello, I know this topic is not new and has been discussed in other threads, but I just would like to share an idea I had on how to implement this by having a look at the mods developed so far (unfortunately I don't have the skills to develop mods by myself, so if anyone likes the idea and would like to try this please feel free!)

The idea is to start from the "Prostitutes and lovers" mod, in which from time to time you can get a random "advance" from a stranger; if you accept, then there could be another chance (random) that you will get a marriage proposal from him/her. If you accept, you will have to complete a quest (see below for some proposals) at the end of which you will receive a special item (Wedding Ring).

Using the Wedding Ring will cause a "copy" of the NPC you married to spawn near to you (like when you dismount from horse in the Realistic Wagon), with who you can interact (getting a random dialogue line or from time to time some specific quests). In this way you can decide whether having him/her traveling with you (clicking on the NPC should always give you the possibility to "pick him/her up") or leaving him/her at your home while you are traveling around the world.

Here some proposals of quests you have to complete in order to celebrate the marriage

1. You have to travel to a specific temple/city - this will always be needed to celebrate the marriage. In the best case, nothing will happen in the meanwhile
2. Someone who doesn't want the marriage to take place will send thugs in the attempt to stop you
3. Your partner has another pretender; you will need to defeat him/her in duel before being able to celebrate the marriage
4. Your partner's family is hostile to the marriage. You will have to simulate a kidnapping and then hide somewhere/escape the people doing researches for a period of time
5. Your partner wants to get married by a specific priest/priestess, but he/she is lost somewhere. You will need to find him/her

And of course other ideas may come, but just curious so far to check how this proposal would sound to you guys

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