First Person Map Assitance

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First Person Map Assitance

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Hey everyone, as I worked on the minimap, I was able to recreate the houses as transparent models and place them.

This gave me an ideas. I could, with some extra work, drop the transparent houses over the normal ones, upscale them by a tiny amount, and then render them with a click of a button.

This would then make all buildings in first person have a color and name/icon overlay to id them easier in first person view.

Would players like this? Would this be helpful to new players? Aka, is it worth the extra time to make or build into my minimap mod?
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Re: First Person Map Assitance

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Eventho it sounds like a neat feature, it would realistically make DFU even more casual than skyrim. Even if it is as a option. Also, walki g in such a city with this ON would be like wearing goggle with augmented reality...

I think only way to implement this would be to require some magical skills to cast enhanced senses or something. As a on/off option, its a no from me in this specific case.

Ofcourse, just a personal opinion.

Still.. I think this system could be useful elswhere or in a different way..

MAYBE have it more restricted, like u can select ONE building on a map and than have it slightly green in 1st person.

Mught sound contradictimg to what I wrote above but its not. Having every building identified vs only one is kind of a big difference.

Just running some thoughts here....

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