Shop locks not resetting

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Shop locks not resetting

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Version 0.11.4

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I've noticed that the difficulty of the locks does change, but after my very first attempt at them, I was never able to attempt them again no matter how much time had passed or where I travel or enter buildings and dungeons. The only text that displays is the difficulty text "This lock looks difficult/easy/etc". Tried fast-traveling normally instead of using travel options, but no luck. The open spell still works (except when the lock is too powerful) and I can bash them open, just can't attempt to pick them.

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Re: Shop locks not resetting

Post by Interkarma »

This is how exterior locks work in Daggerfall. If you fail an attempt, your current lockpick skill value is stored in the serialized data for that lock. You cannot attempt the lock again until you increase your lockpick skill above the value it was at the time of failed attempt.

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