Retiring Live Builds

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Retiring Live Builds

Post by Interkarma »

From July, I'm retiring Live Builds and using GitHub Releases as the official site for all future builds. This is part of a strategy to make GitHub the primary site for Daggerfall Unity so the Workshop can continue as a dev journal with a long history.

I have a more detailed update in link below.

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Re: Retiring Live Builds

Post by jefetienne »

I think this is great! By using GitHub Releases, anyone can easily retrieve latest or older versions through the GitHub API, which can definitely be useful in the case where someone makes an unofficial auto-updater.
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Re: Retiring Live Builds

Post by Baler »

The general public is familiar enough with downloading releases from github. So this is likely a great move.

Hopefully it also helps navigate additional talented coders to the source and they contribute! :)

Thanks for all you do Interkarma!
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Re: Retiring Live Builds

Post by Seferoth »

Thanks for all the hard work. Its great to see how far this project has come.
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