Controller layout without external tools?

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Controller layout without external tools?

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Someone recently asked me about controller support in DFU. While controllers are recognized properly, it seems nothing is bound to controller input by default, the user is expected to do that. Is that accurate?

I've found a few threads and "mods" on Nexus to help with this, but they're all a bit dated, and mostly rely on external tools or awkward bindings (ex: diagonal d-pad inputs).

What do people use these days to play with a controller? Ideally, I'd like one with one or two "modifier" buttons that allow binding more actions to a button while the modifiers are held. Complex controller layouts are not an issue for the person I'm trying to help, they're already playing complex games like Final Fantasy XIV with a controller. I would just rather they have access to everything without needing a keyboard for certain menus.

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Re: Controller layout without external tools?

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Hey Kab. :)

Currently no controller defaults. They only take a few minutes to bind, I don't see why anyone needs an external tool.

Jefetienne's recommended layout is below. Posted half-way down this blog if you want to copy-paste text.

controller-setup.JPG (81.51 KiB) Viewed 171 times

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