OpenMW - Morrowind engine

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Re: OpenMW - Morrowind engine

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King of Worms wrote: Sun Nov 28, 2021 2:04 pm But I have no idea what they actually want from me. The description is so bad.

Have u installed mod this way, where they are not placed in the game but elswhere in their own folders?
To be honest, I simply do it in the old way. I have one data folder with all the mods and one mod list.

The OpenMW method is probably more powerful and allows for more control, or for having various mod setups at the same time, but I have also not understood the description :)

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Re: OpenMW - Morrowind engine

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:D ok at least Im not alone in that, thanks for everything

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Re: OpenMW - Morrowind engine

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I originally got into DFU through OpenMW. I started looking around to see if there was an open-source project for Daggerfall. Here I am
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Re: OpenMW - Morrowind engine

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A lot of useful info in this thread, thanks guys. Still waiting for them to add LUA support to the mix, which is coming next version it seems. Modders will have to update existing LUA mods to be compatible with OpenMW, but I have a feeling that it will be glorious :lol:
Not to mention there's even a multiplayer mod! My friend is averse to older graphics and couldn't get into Morrowind after playing Skyrim for thousands of hours (which is weird because he played classic Fallout games just fine), but I think I can finally enlighten him with this!

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Re: OpenMW - Morrowind engine

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A merge request got merged into the master branch of OpenMW today that should hopefully make modding OpenMW the 'ideal' way easier in future versions. (The MR is quite old and was stuck in purgatory for a long while, so it's exciting that it was merged to master. Link:

I have been modding OpenMW with separate directories for each mod manually for a long time now and it has made modding the game almost trivial even without any mod manager or special tool besides the launcher (as long as you apply due diligence when configuring the ini).

If any of you would like me to, I can attempt to explain how I use separate data directories for modding OpenMW here.

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Re: OpenMW - Morrowind engine

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Wow! Looks great. Might start playing Morrowind again. It's kinda fun to get lost in.

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