Vilja in Daggerfall?

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Vilja in Daggerfall?

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The game Daggerfall is set 28 years before the game Oblivion in which the character "Vilja" is introduced through a mod.
My question is simple.
Can a "Vilja like" companion be created in Daggerfall?

With the limitations of Daggerfall I suppose one of the villager NPC animations could be used instead of a "corner icon" as usually found on escort quests.
Pop up text could be used on screen with no background to indicate chatter.
Beyond that I'm not sure what could be done as I am no programmer.

Tell me what you guys think of the concept?
Pitch your ideas, etc.
With enough attention, perhaps one day it will be made.

With the Vilja character coming from Solstheim and ending up in Cyrodil, I doubt there would be a way to tie her into Daggerfall. I suspect a new unique character would have to be created. It would have a lot of similarities but in the end would not be related to Vilja. My vision would be based on Angua von Überwald but way dorkier or Gytha Ogg but less drunk. :)

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