[MOD] The Penwick Papers

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Re: [MOD] The Penwick Papers

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Re: [MOD] The Penwick Papers

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This mod has been updated to work with DFU 0.14.0.
The update will not work with v13.5, so use older version in that case.

Additional changes and fixes have been made:
-Added additional mod settings for more fine-grained control
-Increased usefulness of the Reanimate spell
-Chance of finding soul gems and ingredients in the loot of certain enemies.
-several minor bug fixes and enhancements

edit: Prior mods (Delver Compass, Illusory Decoy, Create Atronach) are now hidden on Nexus but still technically available.

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Re: [MOD] The Penwick Papers

Post by Arneb »

Thanks for your continued work on the mod, it’s really a fun and interesting addiction with its many and diversified aspects.

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Re: [MOD] The Penwick Papers

Post by Hazelnut »

Hi, this mod looks fantastic. Great work. I have a query about the time calculation for local fast travel.

A player who is using in with C&C mentioned that using the local fast travel from this mod makes their meat spoil quicker that they would expect so I took a look at the code, the relevant part is below.

Code: Select all

            //Calculate time loss
            float speedModifier = isRiding ? 3 : 400 / (player.Stats.LiveSpeed + 30);
            float travelTime = distance * speedModifier * encumbranceModifier;
            DaggerfallUnity.Instance.WorldTime.RaiseTimeInSeconds += travelTime;
Is this calculating time increase as intended? Seems to me to be taking too long to get to places, but only theory crafting here - I have not compared the in-game speeds between manual and local fast travel in your mod. Take an example of 100m distance on a horse unencumbered which would be calculated as taking 300s or 5 minutes... if I had a horse that took 5 minutes to ride 100m I would trade it in for one that was alive. :) A second example of a player walking 400m distance with speed 50 unencumbered would take 2000 seconds or over half an hour!

These seem way too long to me, but maybe the distance is not 1 == 1 meter? Just assuming it's unity units there.
See my mod code for examples of how to change various aspects of DFU: https://github.com/ajrb/dfunity-mods

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Re: [MOD] The Penwick Papers

Post by DunnyOfPenwick »

That does seem slow. I'll have to go back and do more testing.

Time loss in town should be roughly the same as walking or riding, plus about 50% to account for obstacles.
I think I use a x4 multiplier in dungeons to account for their windy nature.

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Re: [MOD] The Penwick Papers

Post by DunnyOfPenwick »

I finally got around to retesting the Landmark Journal fast-travel times.

For the purposes of testing, I created a level 1 Douche-Nozzle Breton Burglar named Trekker.
Trekker has a streetwise score of 25, which matters when prancing about town.
Trekker trekked to Daggerfall city, where I saved the game.

The Douche-Nozzle in question is pictured below (is that a sweatband?)
Trekker2.png (788.52 KiB) Viewed 191 times

Trekker acquired several thousand gold through mysterious means and casually jogged to Gondastyr's Quality General Store to buy a horse and Landmark Journal.
Trekker then rode to the northeast corner of the city and marked the location.
He then began galloping toward the southwest corner, adroitly avoiding buildings and other obstacles along the way.

The total time for the trip was about 17 minutes (game time), losing about 3 fatigue.
The total distance covered was 883 meters (as the crow flies).

Trekker then used the Landmark Journal to return to the opposite corner.
The total time using fast-travel was 44 minutes, losing about 9 fatigue.
(Fast-travel might be a misnomer in this case, maybe 'Convenient-Travel')

The main problem is that I'm computing speed poorly.
Another thing I noticed is that the modifier for streetwise skill was always zero because I was using integer math instead of floating point math.
The Landmark Journal code was copied from my first mod, Delver Compass, that I wrote a year and a half ago and
apparently has some issues that need fixing.

In addition, the streetwise modifier is computed using a simple linear formula, which in hindsight doesn't seem like a good idea.

I plan to switch to a non-linear formula to achieve results like the following:
Character with streetwise of 50 should travel about as fast as a player would manually.
Character with streetwise of 100 would be maybe 20% faster, because reasons.
Character with streetwise of 25 might make a few wrong turns and be 20% slower.
Character with streetwise of 1 is mentally disabled, and probably collapses of exhaustion upon arrival.

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