MeriTamas's (Mostly) Magic Mod [v0.6a released]

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Re: MeriTamas's (Mostly) Magic Mod [v0.6a released]

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TalonTarp wrote: Sat Oct 22, 2022 10:24 pm Heyo! Think I found a bug preventing the use of potions using this mod.

Edit-Turning off the unleveled spell options made it work properly again.

Thanks, TalonTarp, for the feedback. Could you please specify which potion you were tying to use? (I have used some potions - e.g. Cure Poison - without encountering this problem. One guess would be: is it a potion that has an effect that is not instantaneous, but lasts a certain number of magic rounds?)

Xipe-Totek wrote: Sat Nov 12, 2022 8:14 pm can you please update Advanced Teleportation mod? MMM looks very cool, but it changes the game too much, so it would be perfect for second walkthrough. and your teleportation mod is really wonderful, like it should have been done by developers. I'm not insisting, if you don't want to do that, that's okay. I just say it for you know that people would appreciate it

Hi Xipe-Totek and thanks for the feedback. If I remember right, it should be possible to use just the old Advanced Teleportation part of MMM. Have you tried turning off all other options, just leaving the old Advanced Teleportation option on?

A list of known issues follows. I will attempt a go at them in December.

ISSUE/2022-JUL-02/JayH - With retro rendering, MultiplyProvisions text is outside the box limits.
ISSUE/2022-OCT-22/TalonTarp - Unleveled spells prevents potions from working properly (have used potions but have not encountered the phenomenon myself)
ISSUE/2022-NOV-12/Xipe-Totek - would like just the Advanced Teleportation parts. Will try to test if the mod indeed works with the setting appropriate for this use.

And, we also have this older issue:
BUGREPORT/2022-APR-05/1 - (original on the 3rd page) some enemies that were spawned in dungeons as time progressed, could not hit the playr. Have not encountered the problem more recently. If the issue doesn't show itself in the next months, I will mark the issue as resolved.

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Re: MeriTamas's (Mostly) Magic Mod [v0.6a released]

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It was a levitation potion. Another thing I noticed is enemies were not casting spells at me. I have been slowly playtesting and weeding out other mods though, so not 100% sure if it was this one but it's still something to look out for during testing.

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