[0.14.5] Deadly teleportation (fall damage?)

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[0.14.5] Deadly teleportation (fall damage?)

Post by pango »

As seen on PurbleBurd Any% Glitchless speedrun, he got killed by teleporting back to the "mayan pyramid" in the Mantellan Crux.

Setting the anchor:

Teleport back:

While he dies, we can see the open trapdoor heading right, so I don't think he teleported inside the trapdoor. Not sure happens
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Re: [0.14.5] Deadly teleportation (fall damage?)

Post by Interkarma »

I'm 100% not sure what caused this, it definitely looks like it could be fall damage.

RepositionPlayer calls ClearFallingDamage as part of process, but considering this is teleporting within same dungeon it's possible this isn't being done as same-dungeon teleports use a simpler reposition path in code that might not call ClearFallingDamage.

Thanks, I'll move to Issues.

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