The Big Hello Thread

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Re: The Big Hello Thread

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I'm a 41 year old Swede who fell in love with Daggerfall (DOS) in my late teens. After a long hiatus after Oblivion, the Covid pandemic gave me the opportunity to start gaming again - I had a long backlog with Witcher II-III + Skyrim to tackle and while modding Skyrim I eventually came across Skygerfall which led me here! So cool to see talented modders making Daggerfall great again - looking forward to contributing in some small way if I can to this vibrant community.

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Re: The Big Hello Thread

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Well, hi all!

I haven't been on the forums much, but am starting to show up here a bit more. I started on a discord server a couple years back and figured getting to know the place here could be beneficial. I have been a big fan of Daggerfall since that PCGamer Betony demo, only managed to get a copy of the game after pooling in with a friend a few years later, and before I knew it I was enjoying every TES games that came out since. That I got to try at least... I hear horror stories for Battlespire... and hey I got Arena later too and while that was crazy, it didn't feel too bad! I never got to finish it though, but I got a few pieces of that staff.

Daggerfall still feels like such a huge world, compared to everything in the video-game industry, and DFU is something I couldn't imagine become reality yet there it is and every day more for it and its mods impress me on how much more this game can give thanks to the passion of those making it happen!

If I'm not busy trying to keep a 'vanilla' save for crosschecking base-DFU or mod bugs I stumble upon... I like to spend my time in DFU with my overpowered 'Trial' Orc, my magicka-buffed 'Sage' High Elf... or my 'Terminarcher' Wood Elf using ''a very specific set of weapons from perhaps a distant and different universe entirely''.

Maybe I'll try my hand at modding one day... I'd sure like some gauntlets that don't have those gold trims (I mean, every other pieces of armor in the game exist with a version without gold trim except the gauntlets, makes me wonder if they got lost in the original DF release candidate build or forgotten/didn't have time to make them)

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Re: The Big Hello Thread

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Greetings fellaws, I am a 24yo transfem Canadian heavily invested into worldbuilding, simulationism and retro game engines.

I am quite new to playing Daggerfall properly (easy to get stuck in the first dungeon and all... newbie to Daggerfall things I guess), just started a first playthrough mere days ago. I am most interested in modding and creating custom content part of such, as I really enjoy the Daggerfall Unity's engine and got some ambition with QGIS. I do have some limited experience with C# & Unity under my belt and got diverging tastes from vanilla-ish Daggerfall as far as the fantasy setting (I want to develop a solarpunk gameworld) and some gameplay loops (Wanna enrich the non-violent experience) are concerned.

Hopefully getting more enjoyment out of Daggerfall Unity as I learn the game, its systems and tinker with such. Farewell. ^*^

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