Placeholders and a few offset fixes for Barbariank's Paperdoll Replacer

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Placeholders and a few offset fixes for Barbariank's Paperdoll Replacer

Post by MrFlibble »

Recently I discovered the excellent Daggerfall Paperdoll Replacer mod by Barbariank, but unfortunately it's not really complete. The mod changes the female elf, Khajit and human body shapes, and is thus incompatible with vanilla paperdolls, but only provides new ones for Breton, Redguard, Dark Elf and Khajit characters.

When I installed this I had already started a Wood Elf character, and most new clothes plain clashed with the default paperdoll. Of course I could use the Breton one as a placeholder for all the remaining races, but I decided to tinker with this a bit and produced recoloured paperdoll placeholders of what I would like to think is decent quality, based on the original colour schemes (and also made alternate versions for Nord and High Elf characters inspired by the fix paperdoll skin mod).

Note that the mod does not only change the paperdoll body, but also extensively edits the faces of Breton, Redguard and Dark Elf characters to a better aesthetic experience (I should note that generally the mod is very skillfully and artistically done, in vanilla style but greatly enhances the visuals). The placeholder paperdolls are only provided so that the mod does not completely break the remaining races -- it is my understanding that the author intended (and perhaps still intends) to give them the same treatment too at some point.

I also fixed offsets for several clothes items, including one evening gown and the back of the formal cloak, and one Khajit suit variant.

There is a bigger problem with the mod though, many item sprites have a lot of extra empty space vertically, making them look squashed on the inventory screen. This affects most shirts and some boots. While this should not be hard to fix theoretically, especially with shirts, it's quite a bit of tedious work to resize the canvas for every sprite and then edit the xml file to update sprite dimensions. I have not attempted to do that yet.

I might try contacting the author and ask if they're okay with any further tinkering with this.
extra placeholder paperdolls
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Re: Placeholders and a few offset fixes for Barbariank's Paperdoll Replacer

Post by Sluggy »

Thanks for uploading this. I had literally just started looking into this last night myself and you've saved me some time having to photoshop some colors around.

Here's to hoping that they may eventually give the male counterparts some love too. The faces at the very least could use a good touch-up I think.

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