Nine's 3D nitpick compendium

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Nine's 3D nitpick compendium

Post by Ninelan »

This is where I would like collect reports in regards to issues with 3D models within my mods.
I figured it would be easier for 3D people to just churn them out asap
Please keep the reports reasonable and well constructed.
Ie. texture errors/faults.
Animations are too slow or 'uncanny' with ideas on what you'd prefer instead.
Keep in mind the vision and the scope of the mod.

The reports should include the ID of the object in question. IE archive 184, record 10. or a screenshot. or preferably both.

3D animals
-Missing pixel in horse tail causes a visual gap/hole
-? Hair and fur should render texture on both sides.

3D people women TESTING PHASE
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Re: Nine's 3D nitpick compendium

Post by Mr_Ekshin »

Not the reason I'm responding, but if you wish for a nitpick... The barmaid's hand clips into the neck of the bottle she is holding.
Barmaid_Hand-2023_09_02_12_17_49.png (51.12 KiB) Viewed 148 times
But honestly, I don't care about it.

Now to the real issue, movement restriction. This example is in the realm of Daggerfall, Vanwall Hill, Temple of Dibella.

Example #1. The position of the placed models restrict movement past doors. There is another character behind this model that I can't get to.
2023_09_02_12_09_09.jpg (309.48 KiB) Viewed 148 times

Example #2. It's strange that many models end up facing away from the entrance. Is this intentional? Just curious. Still, another model in this back room (on the right) blocks passage into the room behind her.
2023_09_02_12_10_31.jpg (291.93 KiB) Viewed 148 times
I don't see a need for the bounding boxes to be so large. I recommend that bounding boxes be reduced to about the width of a lamp post up through the center of models, if they must exist at all (I admit, I do having models we can't just walk through the center of).

But it's not practical to adjust the position of every single model that restricts movement. Slimming down the bounding box so we can slip past them seems the easiest solution.

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