[Mod] Random Starting Dungeon

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Re: [Mod] Random Starting Dungeon

Post by squishi »

Hey. I recently came back to Daggerfall and wanted to use your mod again, however every time I'm teleported to a random dungeon I am always out of bounds. The mod on it's own still has the problem, so just a heads up I assume it's incompatible with the latest version of DFU.

Despite this the random start date seemingly works fine. Great idea for an addition by the way, I was somehow unaware seasons were even a thing before now lol.

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Re: [Mod] Random Starting Dungeon

Post by Magicono43 »

I'll have to look into it, but with some of the changes there may have been some issues introduced involving the localization stuff that was added. Don't have any estimated time on this one though, so just be aware.

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