All !365! fractions reputation overview generator, sorting, all fraction allies/enemies etc Excel report - released!

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All !365! fractions reputation overview generator, sorting, all fraction allies/enemies etc Excel report - released!

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i made some C# utility to get better info about game Fraction reputation.
It just parsed FractionData.txt, just copy this in same directory as utility and run utility.

Because game has virtualy nothing and structure of FractionData.txt is using a lot of ids and
probably just dumping some object into file, which is notvery reading friendly, searching ids for
value is possible, but very cumbersome. arent really mentioned impacts of quests on Allied / Enemy fraction and it would be a hell
to analyse it, will present tools.
Especially if impact of reputation for different fraction is questined..
but, if you want to know exactly what is you reputation on scale from -100 to 100 with all 365!
in-game fractions
and you want to know how these fractions are connected together and check impacts
of you decision and progress and sort Fraction by reputation/power/regions etc you know can:)

It will generate 2 csv files:
1) FractionDataOverview.csv all data transformed to csv, you can open it in Excel, use Data->Text to
,";" as seperator and you will get classic Excel table. Its just data tranformation and good
for debugging and error checking. Its just otherview of original Save data, you can at least
sort it and add Data filters etc.
2) FractionDataOverviewEnhanced.csv - Its using 1 file as input and replace all these ugly ids with
real game world strings (they are expect Region ids, already in same file).
So instead of Ids, you get real game Names for:
FractionRulers, Fraction enemies(up to 3), Fraction Allies (up to 3), Parent Fraction, Children fractions,
Region names.

Again you can open it in Excel, if you are not lucky with used local collumn separator, use Text->Collumns.

Maybe some can tell what means other collums like:
type; sgroup; ggroup;minf; maxf;
group are some sort of npcs like Merchant, Scholars,Inkeepers etc, probably but i dont have mapping which
number is which and so far im too lazy to search by finding npc in-game.. It would be definitely somewhere
in game source code.

Coders part:
I was just triumph of will over the skill, if there is some C# real programer to help,
i can use some help to make code cleaner, before gets public.

I have tried to make it as possible modular, use at least some methods, instead of ugly batch
files like spaghetti code style, but i failed at the end.

I created empty VS C# 2010+ Express project some empty Class- class DaggefallGenerator,
later because of some extension i have to add second class with DataTable to CSV saving code,
and added Region id+Names text file inside *.exe as embedden Text file.

I have problem with real object programming, im using DataTable object..
DataTable Sheet2 = ConvertCSVtoDataTable(OutPutFilename);
I dont know how to make it something like global repository, public object to access it,
from separate methods, so i have all logic in one ugly block.

I have tried but hit object programming wall.. i can define it in the static void Main(string[] args),
because its too dynamic for it. At at the end all was about old ugly text parsing mostly, im sure that
someone can just read about FractionData.txt in some object structure its already save as such format..
I convert it to old style csv before, i started to work with data..

Maybe somebody can even generate Excel from this data instead of csv middle step, maybe even some
graphs, its csv data at the end:) You with multiple FractionData.txt "snapshots", you can visualize you fraction
reputation curves..

If someone is able make some table like GUI ingame (my load my csv in C# Data table is 2 lines of codes) and add some more button to character sheet these data could be turned into proper ingame mod too.. Vanilla game lacks it.. and Status report is caring only about legal reputation, i have even see more than common citizen here, even in region where im supposed to be liked.. and Fractions reports only guilds status what is like up to 6 of 365 values..
(488.56 KiB) Downloaded 11 times
It still need a bit qualityOfLife not yet done mods,more 3D models props(in HandmadeMod), 3D enemies not colliding with walls + some alternative Hexen 2 like hack&slash dance mod and it would be a dream. I played Ultima0+, but i know what i want :D

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